Eyeglasses B2C

Along with the rapid development of the Internet, people’s consumption modes are making great changes. Shopping online has become a trend because of its convenience and cost-saving. Net stores do not have to pay house rents and do not need to hire many employees, so they can save these extra expenditures and sell their goods at much lower prices. Besides, a most important factor for the cheap commodities in net stores is that they are B2C (business to customer). That is to say, if you want to find a reliable net store, whose commodities are both cheap and with high quality, you had better find a B2C.

Some people may not know exactly what B2C is. Here I would like to give a short explain. B2C namely business to customer, or we can understand in this way: manufactures sell their goods directly to costumers, thus avoid intermediary. Nowadays, there are many B2C stores online, from clothing to electric appliance. Eyeglasses industry is no exception, eyeglasses B2C is also on the rising.

To a large extent, eyeglasses B2C can change the situation of optical stores’ sudden large profits. With B2C, a pair of a hundred dollar eyeglasses which sells in a local optical store can be bought at only several dollars from a B2C net store. That is no exaggeration at all.

But the problem is that many costumers do not have the awareness of filling eyeglasses online! In their opinion, people have to go to optical stores if they want to fill a pair of eyeglasses, because we have to get the eyesight prescribed, pupil distance measured and frames chosen in person. In fact, we can get all of these procedures finished online if we have got a prescription.

I have bought three pairs of eyeglasses online because I want to wear different eyeglasses in different cases and to fit different dressings. Before I knew the existence of glasses B2C, I could not afford so many pairs of eyeglasses at one time since they are so expensive at local stores. You can guess what a bargain it is of shopping online.

I would like to recommend a net glasses B2C store: www.glassespeople.com. It doesn’t matter if you are still not sure about how to fill eyeglasses online, the store assistant will tell you how to do. This store is on a Christmas sales promotion now, almost all kinds of eyeglasses are at discounts. Take the chance!