Bendable prescription glasses for my son

My little son is very naughty and he often breaks his prescription eyeglasses at school. He is very fond of playing basketball in his spare time with his best friends but his eyeglasses sometimes become a big problem for him. He often complains to me about the inferior quality of the eyeglasses I bought for him but actually some of them are really famous with a brand name. As my husband tells me, a famous brand name does not equal to a high quality sometimes. That makes sense. But how I should do to help this poor boy?

I visit some local optician shops as usual but the result turns to be unpleasant. I still feel uncertain about the real quality of each pair displayed there with exquisite design. I think eyeglasses are all delicate and they need careful protection. If the wearer is careless like my son, all the eyeglasses may not avoid being broken accidentally. I dare not place an order immediately, so I give up my plan to make purchase in entity shops.

I decide to search the Internet to see whether there exist some unbreakable types after I leave the optician shop. To my great joy, the information on the network is very rich and helpful for me to have a better understanding about which type suits children. In addition, I find there is a bendable Titanium eyeglasses frame that can remain the original shape even after we bend them hard. Moreover, I log in a professional online glasses store by clicking the hyperlink of a piece of advertisement. On the site, there are many different kinds of prescription eyeglasses designed for different people.

I spend some time browsing the page sites patiently in order to find more useful information. Finally, a type of eyeglasses attracts me with the website address of It is light and comfortable for children daily wearing. I think this pair of bendable Titanium kid’s eyeglasses is suitable for my son. I reserve the page site and wait my son to come home. I respect his own opinion and want him to choose. At the sight of the eyeglasses, the boy is very happy. Obviously, this style appeals to him. He asks me to place an order instantly. I hope this time, it will be a proper choice for him and I don’t need to worry any more. He also promises to protect it with care.