Some Advices for You to Buy Your Children Prescription Eyeglasses

As we all know, children’s vision are more sensitive than adults, they are still not fully developed, so they need special care. If your children are short-sighted people, and they need to wear prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision, then when you buy them eyeglasses, especially on the Internet, you should be very careful. Even though today there are various kinds of laws there to protect consumers’ right, there are still many things to be considered to make your children’s prescription eyeglasses suitable for them. In a word, the most important thing you should make sure is whether your children’s prescription eyeglasses are safe for them or not.

First of all, you should pay enough attention to the eyeglasses lenses’ material. From a latest science report, the material fits children most is Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses are all turn out to be quite tough. They can hardly be broken into pieces. We all know that children are always very naughty, they run, shout, and may even fight with each other sometimes, so the polycarbonate lenses are your ideal choice for your children. It’s undoubtedly your best choice, never be hesitate about it, think about your children’s eyes, if the lenses are broken into pieces, the fragment can easily run into your children’s eyes, thus left your children’s eyes in great danger. And what’s more, if you buy a frame which is designed for adult, it will not fit your children.

Second, you should also take the types of the prescription eyeglasses lenses into consideration. There are many different kinds of lens types in the market today. Among them are single vision, progressives and bifocals. And what is suitable for a child is the single vision ones. As for this type of lenses, there is just one prescription in whole lenses. And the progressive ones, there are three different prescriptions. On the top of the lenses, the prescription is the weakest, and then it becomes stronger gradually towards the bottom of the lens. Many people prefer this kind of lenses; they want to buy nothing else but this one. Although the progressive lenses and the bifocal lenses are quite good, they are not suitable for your children anyway. Because it means that the frames should be large enough to hold these two types of prescription lenses. Children can hardly suit them. So when buying prescription eyeglasses for your children, there is nothing better than the ones with the single vision lenses.

After the two points above, you may think that it’s quite complex to buy children eyeglasses. but here I still want to add one thing, the frames. You should also make sure the frames you buy for your children are really very safe. So to this point, the plastic ones can be your best choice. However if your children happen to be not fond in the plastic ones, you can also try the metal ones, but remember to ensure that they are suitable. Always remember that safety is the first priority. Today the metal frames which are designed specially for children are very safe. Let your kids try the prescription eyeglasses on when buying them eyeglasses, thus to make sure that the eyeglasses frames fit your children well. Of course, whether your children like them or not is also important, so ensure it before you buy them prescription eyeglasses.