Fashion eyeglasses for my mother

There is always somebody who plays a vital role in our life yet easily ignored. My mother is this sort of person to me. When I was young, she would stand behind me and reach out in case I was in trouble. No matter when I was frustrated by the bad scores I had got or I was angry with the betraying of friend. She was always there waiting to offer me help. When I grow up, I have my own lifestyle. There are times when I was hampered by her when making some decision. However, the result always stands by me. One day if I am asked about the birthday I can say nothing about that. I do not know her favorites and her hates. I know almost nothing of her even if we have shared the same space for 30 years.

This is what I have thought about these days because I have joined one psychological test about the relationship with your parents. In fact this is concerning about the intimacy rate between generations. To our surprise, most of us know little about our parents. The therapist suggested that we can choose some presents for our parents to promote the relationship and show our considerate personality. I want to do this better for my mother because I am so grateful to her. However, I get confused when I choose the present for her. If I want to buy her a suit, I do not know her size. If I want to find her a CD, I do not know the band she is fond of. The thing I can do is to ask her about what she likes.

That day when we was having the dinner together, I asked my mother is there anything she has been looking forward to. As she told me, she has been looking forward to a pair of fashion eyeglasses when she was young. However, she has not got that so far for lacking of money. Then I made up my mind that I would buy her that one as the present to fulfill her desire.

It was a coincidence that the website was on discount when I clicked into. I have bought the sunglasses in this shop at an ideal low price. I choose one pair of fashion eyeglasses on sale with patterns of flowers that fit my mother well. By putting the coupon code of “Aprilhappy” I got 10% discount. This was a real surprise to my mother as I have expected.