My nephew loves his kid’s glasses!

I have been away from home for nearly a year now, studying abroad. Not long ago, I received an email from my little nephew. In his letter, he expressed his hope of having a pair of kid’s glasses as a birthday gift.

Seeing this, I felt that I could handle it since I had got to know an excellent online eyeglasses store dealing with all kinds of eyeglasses fro different age groups. Naturally, they sold kid’s glasses, too. It would be my nephew’s birthday soon and it was also natural for me to give him a gift he wanted. Anyway, he was a very beautiful and cute and smart boy, and I loved him very much. Then I went to visit the online eyeglasses store to have a look. According to one of my friends, all the glasses in the online eyeglasses store were designed by the first-class masters, so their glasses for every age group were excellent in fashion. Besides, this store enjoyed a high reputation among all the similar eyeglasses dealers, so there was actually no need to worry about the quality. I had known before from their web site that choosing glasses for kids should not be too careful. For one thing, the kids might do not like the lenses or frames the parents chose for them. Therefore, the parents might as well ask their opinions first and let the kids make the decision. For another, there are some special points about choosing the materials of frames and lenses of the kid’s eyeglasses. Since kids were still in development in their face shape and nose and eyes, the materials of the kid’s glasses should be light enough to permit the free growth of their organs. Also, the plastic ones would protect their skin or eyes from being hurt if they got their eyeglasses broken out of accident. Then I scanned all the kid’s glasses on their website, and chose several pairs as the choices. Then I sent the link of this site to my sister and ask her to choose together with my nephew.

I quickly got their answer and ordered a pair of good kid’s glasses from this store  , and then posted the kid’s glasses to my nephew. Two days later, he got it and said in the email that he was very satisfied with it! Am I not a clever and capable aunt?